Chocobo Naming Contest!

Update: Please note entries for the contest are closed. Winners are announced here.

Ever tried coming up with the ultimate Chocobo name? Well, now you can put that to good use and win a fantastic prize by entering into the Chocobo Naming Contest! Submit your favorite Chocobo name until August 10th, 2013, and you could win!

The 5 best entries will be featured on and will qualify for one of the following prizes: First place gets a Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn Standard Edition for PC (valued at $29.99)! The four runner ups will get a free copy of the FFXIV A Realm Reborn Guide from KillerGuides (valued at $19.99)!

Chocobos aren’t only cute, fantastic, and a great means of fantasy transportation, but now you can use them to win a prize as well! Only one name per participant, so only submit your best favorite!

To enter the contest simply post your favorite Chocobo name in the comments below(don’t forget to fill in the e-mail field – we’ll use it to contact you if you win!)

Chocobo Contest


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84 Responses to Chocobo Naming Contest!

  1. DevasNi says:

    I named mine Kratos in the beta and I will name him that again Imma cnj and he will be my god of war ^.~

  2. Absinthe says:

    I’m gonna name my chocobo “dontdeleteme” after the name of my first chocobo suggestion, which was deleted XD

  3. Metalfreeza says:


  4. Aroher says:


  5. jannel humphrey says:


  6. Lavette Roper says:

    I’d like to name it “Thunder Wings”

  7. Gilgamesh says:

    Dovahkiin.. FUS RO DAHHHH!

  8. Maarten says:

    Feloval :3

  9. Wija says:

    Mine would be “Kyurem” :3

  10. Jose says:

    Akarui nikk? is going to be my Chocobo for life.

  11. Jeff Conaway says:


  12. Emma says:


  13. Khish says:

    Spicy Choco

  14. Spikemando says:

    I will be naming my Chocobo “ChocoPuff”

  15. Chroma says:

    My favorite name for a chocobo is Kin. Nice and short for these adorable birds. This can be pronounced the Japanese way (to mean gold) or the English way (to mean a relative). After all, those yellow birds are almost family to every Final Fantasy player.

  16. Diego Gomes says:

    My comment got deleted I guess, so I’m posting my chocobo’s name again: as in the beta phase 3, he’ll be called “Sundance”. If we get a black chocobo in the future it’ll be “Raindance” ;D

  17. Jason Woodruff says:

    Foghorn Leghorn

  18. Absinthe says:

    Seeing as how my previous comment survived a day (dunno what happened there, but it seems I wasn’t alone…) my original suggestion was “Cornelia” after the name of the castle in which Chocobos first debut (in the remake)!

    I have to admit, my favorite so far is “Patsy” from Monty Python – well played!

  19. Lance Commodore says:

    diablo wing

  20. ubi-san says:

    Koko (:

  21. Cedric Leduc says:

    I think I deleted my entry somehow, so here i go again (same name i used) :(

    I will name my chocobo Kepler, in the honor the the planet Kepler 22b which is supposed to be earth like. And Kepler sound very good for a chocobo.

  22. Patrick Troy says:

    A name? Hmmm.. How bout..
    I rem in ff7 chocobos used to say kweh alot lol.

    Oh or “Teioh”
    The fastest chocobo :)

  23. clint jackson says:

    Coo coo

  24. Charles Allen Gass says:

    Nobuo Nomura

    Nobuo from the soundtrack composer of FFVII (Nobuo Uematsu) and Nomura from the character designer (Tetsuya Nomura) from FFVII.

  25. Jon McFluffy says:


  26. Trydron says:

    Air Dance, like black sabbath’s song

  27. Steven says:

    Warky Wark (and the Funky Bunch)

  28. Zidane says:


  29. Metalfreeza says:

    so, who have won??

  30. Shardik says:

    I named my Sanders in 1.0. Subtle enough to be a normal name, but it is also the name of the good Colonel.

  31. jcooper says:


  32. AresTheVagrant says: